UV Dryers

This innovative version of UV dryers includes management of lamps by high efficiency electronic power supply combined with automatic detection of workpieces and fan speed control. Using this new technology you will have considerable energy savings during production.

UV Ovens dry or “cure” special synthetic varnishes which are capable of hardening and drying quickly in just a few seconds under the action of lamps which emit irradiation in the Ultra Violet light spectrum.

UV curable varnishes contain a chemical component that reacts only when stimulated by Ultra violet light. The varnishes are applied with roller coaters or spray machine. Varnishes that contain any solvents or water carrying mediums will go thru a flash-off oven before they enter the UV station for fast drying, “curing”.

Model FRN/1/ES with 1 UV lamp

– working width 1300 mm (51″)

– overall length 2500 mm (98-1/2″)

– installed power 19 KW max

Model FRN/2/ES with 2 UV lamp

– working width 1300 mm (51″)

– overall length 2500 mm (98-1/2″)

– installed power 37 KW max

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Model FRN/3/ES with 3 UV lamp

– working width 1300 mm (51″)

– overall length 3000 mm (118″)

– installed power 55KW max

Technical data

– with UV mercury or gallium lamps

– with PLC electronic control

– individual electronically power controlled UV lamps (30 – 120 w/cm)

– emergency system in case of line stop

– roller conveyor with lose rollers on parallel chain; motorized rollers at infeed and at outfeed.

UV dryers can be equipped with cooling unit at outfeed.

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