Parts For Tenoners, Edgebanders, Etc.

Parts For Tenoners, Edgebanders, Etc.

Chain plates, dogs, spindle nuts, holddown belts, etc.

We have hard-to-get original TORWEGGE parts  – iN STOCK –

to repair and overhaul your OLDER MODELS dating back to 1970:

TORWEGGE double-end-tenoners, edge- banders, combination machines, guillotines, etc.

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Make the job easier for you and us by having the machine type and number available when you contact us.

TOY 3504:
Chain bushing 170.So.H702G.500-1

TOY 4075:
Chain wheel 2884.242-1

TOY 3553:
Chain wheel 57.So.H602.403-2

Worm wheel for composer machines H290, H291, H293, etc.

Sleeve 45.So.H702.400-1

TOY 4010 :
Sprocket Sleeve 180.So.H602K.400-1

TOY 3086:
Chain bushing with 2 keys 44.So.H902.50

TOY 2484:
Chain bushing 44.So.H902.500-1

Sleeve H813.40001

TOY 0789:
Bevel Wheel H701.242-1
for machine KD 242/342

TOY 0534:
PIV pinion shaft, teeth + 15, G1.09 E3 611000

TOY 3238:
Shaft BSK 2543-24

TOY 1040:
Glue pot cable with plug HAN6

TOY 1892:
Glue pot BSK 2884.200-1
for Torwegge Edgebander

TOY 1843
Support for glue pot/ magazine on older machine
models (1980’s)

TOY 0843:
Glue roller housing for Torwegge Edgebanders