Parts for Hydraulic Presses, Laminating and Finishing Equipment


Mylar belting in various sizes, many in stock

(Buerkle, Hoefer, Omeco, Wemhoener)

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MYLAR belts (foil, film):   in STOCK

Rolls in widths of: 55″, 65″, 68″, 68 perforated, 72″, 102″, 104″, 106″, 112″  in STOCK


For B Ü R K L E Machines:

Timing Pulley

Part No. BZ-429-524-00:

Timing Pulley drive side.




heating element

Part No. BK80007400:

Heating Element coil for infra red heating

shown here with an insulation pad



ManometerPart No. BK01418300:

Contact Manometer DS214, 160 mm diameter, 0 – 400 Bar.




Prism RollerPart No. BB28620701:

Prism Roller with cam for arbor 40 mm dia.




ZZ-round brush element

ZZ-round brush elements

for Buerkle-VBM Brush machine.




pedestal sealing

Part No. Burk 5053:

Pedestal sealing for Roll Laminators.




Repair kit

Part No. Burk 5070:

Repair kit for 2-way valve





Part No. BK034-093:

Coupling NFB7 120 m OD





Part No. BK387-127:

Sprocket, deflection BEKO-ENKO, 16B-2, T=15




clamping piece

Part No. Burk 5015:

Clamping piece for mylar belt tension.




Part No. BK30518800:

Diode Laser with visible LAP



Part No. BK 26723800:

Pressure Sensor AM 9428



Part No. Burk 5007:

Linear Potentiometer for Press SOMP 2714/10.






Part No.: Burk 5035:

Pilz Relay – Emergency off switch.

Several different ones in stock – call us.



Pictures of parts shown here are only a fraction of parts we have in stock!   If you need parts for your Wemhoener machines,

please call us: 919-494-5197


Heat resistant MYLAR belts

(foil, film):

Rolls in widths of:

55″, 65″, 68″, 68 perforated, 72″, 102″, 104″, 106″, 112″.

in STOCK   Please call us if you don’t see the size you need we will get it for you.



Item No. C200022:

Check Valve, pilot operated RH 14



Item No. C200024:

Valve SC34X-ND air operated



Item No. C700017:

Thermometer 0 – 160 degree Celsius, 190 mm dia.



Item No. C400009:

Slipping clutch Roba 3 3/100



Item No. C400026:

Flange bearing VCF 209AVS



Iem No. C400025:

Flange bearing UCP206AV2



Chain with pins for Mylar foil

small or large



Item No. 400057:

Transport belt 50 x 9700 mm



Item No. C600018:

Air pressure regulator 1/4″ type 1



Item No. 200222:

Repairkit for Wabco Valve 521 713 0002



Item No. 500101:

Wabco Cylinder 521 713 512 0





Item No. 6FX20012DC:

Digitiser 6 FX200 12 DC50



Item No. 1FK6063-6A:

3-brushless Servo Motor 11NM with brake,

5300/min., 3000/min. 276 Volt

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