Panel Saws

Panel Saws

Industrial saws with fully automatic panel sizing, computer controlled.

Pressure beam saws for panel sizing;

custom made to your specifications, complete with infeed systems and stacking stations

Choose your saw systems:

  • Single axis saw with with semi-automatic handling.

  • Special cross cut saws.

  • Pressure beam saw with infeed and stacking stations.

  • Fully automatic angular saw plant.

  • Sophisticated high capability production system.

  • Integrated strip production machine line.

Turn-table for head cuts. The design of the table also allows multiple turns.

Saw unit with parallel linear guide system

Positioning clamps with exchangeable top and bottom gripping fingers and side aligners

Linear guide systems and magnetic position switches in all locations of the plant for failure free plant for years.

Cutting Patterns

cross cutting

rip-head-rip cutting


staggered cutting

head cutting

multi-turn cutting

checkerboard cutting

alternating and head cutting