Miscellaneous Machinery


Used NORDFAB Dust Extraction Pipes:

Used Duct Extraction Pipes for woodworking

(used only for machinery shows)
T-branches, elbows, single and double-branches, straight pipes, clamps, etc.
Call us and tell us what you need (919-494-5197).
– galvanized steel
– welded seams
– adapt to an existing ductwork system




Used Panel Sizing/Saws:

‘ANTHON’ FrontPanel Saw Loading Panel saw
for cutting sheets of core material, incl. 3 air tables.
Max. panel sizes:      3700 x 2200 mm
Main saw motor:      18.5 kW
Scoring saw motor:  2.2 kW
Record No.: AS-3040-58


Stefani double-end tenoner‘STEFANI’ Feed-through Trim Saws/Double-end-tenoner, Model Major SQ
for parallel and squaring parts in one pass.
Includes two (2) trim saws with one automatic cross over conveyor
Min. /Max. panel length:     260 mm        3200 mm
Min. /Max. panel width:      220 mm        1600 mm
Record No.: STEF1, 2-6070-43,44


Band Saw‘POWERMATIC’ Band Saw, model #81
Table size:                  52″ x 37″
Throat opening:        19.5″
Record No.:  BS5-1360-24





Band Saw‘TANNEWITZ” Band Saw, type G3
Table size:                 52″ x 37″
Throat opening:       35″
Record No.: BS2-1850-21








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