Glue Spreading

Glue Spreading

oday, more and more importance is attached to glue application. Thinner coats demand higher application accuracy.  Higher viscosity necessitate precision and solid equipment.

Glue Application Machines are for a variety of uses: from furniture production to door- & window manufacturing to solid wood glueing and even
for special application like sporting goods. Economical dispersion water soluble application. Working widths: from 200 – 2500 mm

HÖFER Glue Application Machine Application- and doctor roller running in opposite direction assure exact glue quantities, perfectly even and economical application.

HÖFER Handy and manageable, yet very sturdy small machine with optional infeed and outfeed, for production of small plywood or gift crates for wine bottles.

OMECO Heavy Duty Glue Spreader with universal joint drive

380 mm (15″) diameter rollers,

working width:

1350 mm (53″)

1800 mm (71″)

3300 mm (130″)

variable speed drive is optional.

LAD 1400

LAK 500

LAN 1300

Omeco heavy-duty glue spreader