Feeding Systems

Feeding Systems

Anthon high-performance feeding systems are a combination of vacuum and nip-roll feeding systems. Thin panels are pushed through nip-rolls, as small books, into the book forming station with a push-feeder.

Vacuum feeders for conveying delicate materials. It prevents scratches, automates counting of different book heights and is the ideal solution for wavy panels.

Nip-roll feeders are particularly suitable for fast, continuous feeding of panels. In combination with a lifting device and a push feeder, thin panels can be fed one by one or as books. Intermediate buffering devices for rest stacks allow almost uninterrupted feeding when chancing stacks.

Push feeders with height measuring devices directly at the stack are offered either as internal or external feeding options. Internal: it is mounted at the positioning feeder, External: it is mounted on separate push-off frame.

Nip-roll feeders

Push-feeders with height measuring devices

Vaccum feeder