Barrel (Cooperage) Machines

Barrel (Cooperage) Machines

We offer all machines for the entire process of wooden barrel making; for stave jointing, hoop trussing, head rounding, up to the assembly of the barrel and their end treatment, representing Anthon in the USA.

It starts with various stave machines; cutting the raw stave on the Double Cross Cut Saw, planing them with the Stave Planer DH for backing and hollowing, and finish with the Stave Jointer DFV.

To built the barrel tulip shape, truss hoops are used, which are pressed tightly into the barrel with the Hoop Trussing Machine to firmly join the staves.

The Double Crozing Machine KRZE 90/130 is designed for processing the barrel heads, building the croze and simultaneously chamfering and cleaning the barrel ends.

To drill conical filling holes the   Bung Hole Drilling Machine SPBis used which is mounted as an additional unit above the Crozing Machine.

The Head Rounding Machine BRX 22/90 forms the head for the barrels automatically.

Stave-Backing Hollowing Machine

Stave Jointer

Hoop Trussing Machine

Bund Hole Drilling Machine

Head Rounding Machine

AnThon Wood Barrel Manufacturing Machines for Cooperage since 1865