Acmos Chemicals

Acmos Chemicals

Release agent, cleaners, sealant, lubricant, coolant, etc

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Acmosol 133-1 – 1 kg for thermo plastic adhesive

Acmosol 130-101 – 1 kg

Acmosol 131-10   – 1 kg


Acmosin 51-10 – 1 kg de-watering anti-corrosive agent for metal surfaces. Will form a very thin oily viscous protective coating on the surface.


Waxilit 22-30P  – 1 kg  sliding agent

Waxilit 22-2410 – 1 kg  spray

Waxilit 22-71F  – 1 kg, 5 kg for smoother transportation on bearing surfaces, minimum resin build up.

Waxilit 22-74 -1 kg, 5 kg, 160 kg

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