An unmatched level of personal attention in sales, parts and service.  New and used machinery woodworking machinery on display in our showroom.  Experts on call for every phase of woodworking including panel sizing, laminating, tenoning, edgebanding, routing, sanding, finishing, and material handling.  

Used Woodworking Machinery for Sale!


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Some machines are out of company liquidation

and priced for quick sale.

35 years of experience in the woodworking machine industry lets you buy used woodworking machinery with confidence from us!

Please contact us if you are looking for used woodworking machinery. Not all of our machines are listed on the webpage. At this time we offer quite a selection of secondhand and reconditioned machines. Here just to mention a few:



Wide belt sanders


Profile sanders

Spray Booths




Veneer clippers (guillotine)

Panel Saws

Cutoff saws

Scissor lifts


Band saws


You may find the following brand names:
Anthon, Black Brothers, Boss, Buerkle, Cagilo, Defiance, Diehl, Diemer, Francis, Greenlee, Heesemann, Homag, IMA, Intertex, Kuper, Lawson, Mahros, Marunaka, Northfield, Nottmeyer, Olympic, Oswego, Paul, Ruckle, Schirmer, SCM, Seybold, Sheridan, Shoda, Sicotta, Star, Steinemann, Superfici, Tagliabue, Timesaver, Torwegge, Venjakob, Walkun, Wemhoener, Whitney.

All machines are "subject to prior sale" !


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