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Precision tooling for precision jobs from one of the Europe's best tool manufacturers in the woodworking industry: Leuco

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Part No. L161259

Quick Release clamping system 192 mm OD for hogger. for right or left hand rotation, max. rpm 7200,

10 x 4 mm double keyway,

for machines: Homag, Lehbrink, Torwegge, SPA, Wilmsmeyer

Part No. L167451

Quick Release clamping system 140 x 35 mm,

clamp dev. 35s 85110,

10 x 4 double keyway, max. rpm 9000

Part No. L162599

Quick Release clamping system 110 x 35

Part No. L497057

Cutterhead (for above Quick Release Part No. L162599) max rpm 6000


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