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Pictures of parts shown here are only a fraction of parts we have in stock!

If you need parts for your Heesemann Sander please call us: 919-494-5197


Pressure Segment Belts (lamella belts)

and Steel plates are in stock for

all sanding machines we have sold.

Graphite Sliding Mats (friction pads)

are in stock for all sanding machines we have sold

Part No. HSM 1388:

Pulley Set for F220, D28 (replaces 225).

Part No. HSM 1416:

Ribbed Belts (Optibelt) available in the following sizes: 

PL12-2845,      PL12-2845

PL12-2743,      PL12-2895

PL16-2743,      PL16-2705

PL 8 -1194/470 EL

PL 8 -2070

Transport belts:

for LSM-4, LSM-8, MFA-8, etc.

270 x 4300 with holes - set 5

270 x 6525 with holes - set 5

270 x 7850 with holes - set 5

270 x 8600 with holes - set 6


also available without holes

call us - 919-494-5197

Holddown Rollers

HSM 1079 / HSM 1114:

Switch levers and individual rollers

Part No. HSM 1131:

Toolholder for Heesemann Profile Sander DUKP-22

Part No.: HSM 1174:

Control Valve (distribution block) for LSM or MFA machines

Part No.: HSM 1195:

Compressed air cylinder for DBV-1

Part No. HSM 1610:

Tensioning Cylinder for longitudinal unit (wide belt)

Part No. HSM 1487:

Cylinder for cross pressure beam.


Double Cylinder DZ 1032/25-3

Part No. H1AE230080:

Air bags for electric pressure beam.

Part No. HSM 1362:

Excenter bushing for calibrating roller.


Blow off rod for center running unit.

Part No. H1P000140:

Air pump for air bags (DBV-1, BA2).

Part No. H700010400:

Quick Adjustment for UKP

Part No. HSM 1192:

Bracket for switch battery - cross sanding unit,

left and right available.

Part No. H1P0000045:

Contact roller for rear pressure beam, complete with guide, for DBV-1 machine.

Springs for pressure beam.

Part No. H1P0Z41682:

Packing for belt tension cylinder on BA-2E machines

Part No. HSM 1107:

Repair kit for belt tensioning D-100

Part No. HSM 1115:

Repairkit for belt tensioning 125-20-12-30

Part No. HSM 1281:

Repairkit PD21420 for air pressure cylinder DZ1100.

Repairkits for air cylinder - on Heesemann DBV-1 machine.

Part No. H1P0000070:

Cylinder packing for pneum. piston

40 x 10 No. 304.

Part No. H2ES00SP65:

Solenoid valve SP65.0032 for limit switch.

Part No.H2E065.127:

Solenoid Valve 65.127 for centralized running regulation

Part No. HSM 1254:

Bearing arm 2 D 4-245

Part No. HSM 1404:

Blow-off Rotor

Part No. HSM 1664 and HSM 1450:

Blasting tube and blasting pipe

Part No. HSM 7000:

Wheel for Pillar Fan RG VII

Part No. HSM 1087:

Adjusting spindle with clamping lever for variable speed gear.

Part No. HSM 1240:

Bracket HE64-011 with screws for longitudinal unit.

Clamping levers.

Part No. HSM 1156:

Pulley E220 D 38

Part No. HSM 1331:

Cover / bearing flange for top roller - longitudinal unit.

Part No. HSM 1508:

Belt tenioner, Rosta-type


Part No. H2ESOF1B63:

Main Switch

Part No. HSM 1499:

Statomat brake unit available:

220/380 - 100 A, 440/550 - 100A, etc.

Please call 919-494-5197

Part No. HSM 1162:

Ventilator BG100/2 DS for motor 118183

EO3 for UKP-22 machine.

Part No. HSM 1020:

Motor FN80 for height adjustment on LSM-4 or KSA-4 machine.

Part No. HZOLD80N14:

Spur gear motor for height adjustment on a DBV Sander.

Part No. HSM 1632:

Oscillating Motor DM70-40, 400/230V

Part No. HSM-1451:

Encoder 3012-2020-0010, with shaft 12 mm, 16 pins.


Part No. HSM 1383:

Power pack for anti-static device


Speed indicator


Datalogic Proximity Switch, 110 V


Leuze Photo Cell

Part No. H2E000-120:

Amperemeter 0-120, 1.5/60/5A

Part No. H2ESKB624V:

Relay KB6-24Volt

Part No. H2E2669102:

Amplifier 26 691-02 for limit switch

HSM 1401:

Lifting magnet (Cylinder) RM060-F-HS-2594/4 for cross sanding unit.


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