An unmatched level of personal attention in sales, parts and service.  New and used machinery woodworking machinery on display in our showroom.  Experts on call for every phase of woodworking including panel sizing, laminating, tenoning, edgebanding, routing, sanding, finishing, and material handling.  

Material Handling: Conveyors - Stackers - Infeed and outfeed devices - Turntables
• Panel Sizing
• Laminating
• Sanding
• Finishing
 Panel Processing
   • Material Handling
   • Dowel/hinge
      inserting, & Boring

   • Double End Tenoner       & Edgebander       Combination

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Material Handling with ROBOTS




Roller Conveyor

High speed driven or gravity conveyor for your large wood panels--complete conveyor systems.

Conveyor belt

Belt transports for small batch production or for transporting large door panels. Let us show you how curved conveyor belts can work for you.


A turntable (rotary table) in front of the panel saw will enable you to perform single and multiple head cuts and will allow you to change cuts in one set up.

Automatic Stacker

Stacking your workpieces for automatic infeed or at the outfeed.

Infeed and outfeed Table

Loading and unloading your product from any production equipment can be a snap. We show you how to utilize press loading equipment and vacuum feeders to improve productivity.

Suction cups

Vacuum cups or the perfect

suction cup setup seal the deal

and make material handling a snap. 

Many varieties of  vacuum lifting devices available.             

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