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Release Agent:


100-5030      - 1 kg

453 FK          - 1 kg



81-400WE      - 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg



100-426        - 1 kg



1124B           - 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg


101-5060      - 1 kg

for applicator roller

for melamine impregnation,

reducing coating on press

platen, perventing adhesion of finished panels to the press platen.


for production of coated boards (phenolic resin), applicable to hot surfaces, partly dissolves white glue residues.


for short cycle presses, prevents electro-static charging of conveyor- and press belt.

Paste - for pressed veneer surfaces.

for white glue.


Acmosol 133-1      - 1 kg 

Acmosol 130-101  - 1 kg

Acmosol 131-10    - 1 kg

for thermo plastic adhesive.


Acmosin 51-10      - 1 kg

de-watering anti-corrosive agent for metal surfaces. Will form a very thin oily viscous protective coating on the surface.



Waxilit 22-30P   - 1 kg

Waxilit 22-2410 - 1 kg

Waxilit 22-71F   - 1 kg, 5 kg


Waxilit 22-74 -1 kg, 5 kg, 160 kg

sliding agent


for smoother transportation on bearing surfaces, minimum resin build up.




Acmosit 65-50    - 5 kg

grinding coolant










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